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Worship Design Studio began 12 years ago with regularly-posted podcasts full of ideas for each liturgical season. It got so popular that an expanded website with hundreds of resources launched 8 years ago and since then thousands of churches have received coaching there from Dr. McFee.

With the input of our current subscribers, we’ve redeveloped the website with streamlined accessibility and ways to interact both with your team AND with other churches to crowdsource, support and encourage one another, right in the app! Additionally, all the materials are now right at your fingertips on the new mobile app, including the ability to share ideas, images and thoughts anywhere, anytime.

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The concepts and practices that you’ll learn in the Worship Design Studio, as well as the worship series, are applicable and adaptable to any context. Churches of varying denominations, worship styles, settings, and age groups have seen success when applying these theories and materials.

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"Since we have been using your material I have received many compliments about how much better worship is. I have experienced a renewed joy in preparing and doing worship... your service to pastors allows me the time to attend to my other duties." Name 1

"The WDS materials have made our worship services flow much better. We've learned to plan as a team rather than each person planning individually. We've used several worship series and we've designed a couple of our own as well. It's well worth the cost of admission to have access to all of the materials." Name 2

"I can’t say thank you enough. When this crisis hit, the pastoral work week changed rapidly. These worship tools were already a gift and a help to the usual overworked week. When we had to shift gears... I realized how much of a gift your work is!" Name 3

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About Dr. Marcia McFee

Dr. Marcia McFee is a professor, worship designer, author, preacher and ritual artist. Her first career was in professional theater, music, and dance in major companies that toured the world. She brings all of that, combined with a Master's in Theology and a PhD in Worship and Ethics to her ministry of designing, leading, and teaching about meaningful and memorable worship for the last 25 years. In that time she has traveled extensively, worked with numerous Protestant mainline denominations (UMC, UCC, MCC, DOC, PCUSA, ELCA, UU, etc), has designed and led worship at the local church level as well as regional, national, and international conferences. Dr. McFee has taught at 14 different seminaries and held hundreds of workshops in the US and Canada, as well as other countries.

But in a nutshell. This is what Dr. Marcia says about what inspires her...

"Passion for ministry.
Love for learning.
Love for vital, artful worship.
Love for ALL people and their flourishing.

My number one purpose is to support ministry professionals and volunteers in such a way that you can have MORE EASE, MORE JOY, AND MORE TIME for creativity and depth in everything you do!"

Have questions?

Not sure where to start? Send us an email at marcia@marciamcfee.com.